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What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a lot simpler than you initially think, to conquer standard search engine optimisation is simple because once you know how know the basics, you will know the basics forever, it’s not something you easily forget.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation and it is the name given in regards to improving your rankings when it comes to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. When someone searches for something on a search engine, that search engine will bring back what they think is relevant to what you have searched! To show on a search engine for people to see your website, it needs to have been search engine optimised if it is to work. Your website will always be able to rank on a search engine wherever you want it to be on the page as long as it is optimised properly.

Why does it matter?

If your business is not search engine optimised then unless you just want your website as a purely word of mouth asset, then there really is no point in having a website! If you just want to advertise by approaching people and telling them to visit your specific website, that is fine, but if you want anyone looking for your kind of product or service, then you have to know how to optimise or know an SEO company that will be able to optimise for you!

People imagine it to be very hard which it can be but only if your competition is tight! It all depends on how quickly you learn and how you manage to find all of the certain tools that are required! Search engine optimisation is very pricey, especially if you are doing SEO by yourself as you have to buy things that are necessary to get you to the top whereas if you pay someone, It is a lot cheaper as they have the tools already!

Why not just advertise?

When you pay Google to advertise your business, if your business is on a national or international scale, then that may well be a good idea, but for local businesses or businesses that want to show up in certain areas, it is so much better to have it put there organically!

Literally anyone or any business can pay to advertise their website on Google so they can show on the first page! But not only is it majorly expensive, I personally believe it is not as effective and that is because like I said, literally anyone can advertise on the first page so it doesn’t necessarily mean they are better or even any good for that matter! But if you take the top spot organically, then that means your website is spot on and Google trusts your business enough to put you at the top in front of any other business!

What does organic mean?

So what does organic mean… organic means when you or an SEO company works on your website and gets it to the first page and it can be referred to as organic traffic. The organic traffic is what shows up under that small box with three local listings in when you search for what you want and have a destination at the end of it and its also what comes up on your page underneath the Google advertisements when you type in just the type of business you are looking for without a specific location. If you search for best electric fireplaces you will see only a list of organic listings and no map results, this is because it is a national/global search terms as opposed to a local search term which brings up map listings.

Number One

Always make sure you trust who you work with, it is the most important thing.

Number Two

Never rush when it comes to SEO, it is a gentle process that has to be perfect.


Number Three

If you are unsure about SEO, don’t just guess! Ask a professional.

How will I know what's best?

Find a company you can trust or just do your research! If you get stuck, ask me what to do! If you do use a company, you must be able to trust them and make sure to research about them first as the last thing you want is to choose a company that will actually mess your website up instead of helping it out! It is always best to meet up with the business first before any payment is made so that they can show you what they will be doing to help, I have a very good friend called Jessica who works for InterLead who I know are outstanding! So make sure to use a business like there’s that is honest and trustworthy and will 100% do you proud.

Want to be number one?

If you want your website to show as number one on all the big search engines like Google, then it is so important that you have SEO done on your website as there is no way of getting it there if you don’t! When you are on the first page, you have more of a chance of someone clicking onto your website but when you are on the second, third, fourth and so on, I would personally say that around 90% of the people who search on search engines don’t ever click onto the second page because there is usually no need! If you do SEO or pay a business to do SEO and you take the top spot of your specific search, then you will be taking nearly all of the customers as people normally trust the top one that a search engine provides.

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Why Are Trees Important?

Trees are one of the most important elements of nature for our planet. They provide oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter.

Not only do trees bring ecological balance to our planet so does Wolverhampton Tree Surgeons for how they care for the trees they work on. Trees help conserve energy by providing shade from summer heat, wind protection in winter months, and reducing noise levels from nearby highways or airports. Trees can also increase property value due to their aesthetic appeal and lower heating costs through natural insulation properties.

Perhaps one of trees greatest benefits is its ability to absorb pollutants that contaminate air and water sources like smog, dust particles, toxins and other gases. Trees are nature’s natural air-filters, and they help purify the air we breathe. read more…

Different types of Taxis

A lot of men and women use taxis as their way of transport daily basis. Taxis at Birmingham are proven to supply hassle-free, simple, and comfortable ride to work, college or some other site. A frequent misconception among a lot of people is that there is the only sort of yellow-colored cab is available, which you frequently see in films or television. The colour yellow is the most frequent used for taxis across the globe due to its capability it is easily recognized from a distance than another colour. ref: History Of Airport Taxis.


But a number of different kinds of vehicles can also be used as taxis. This is due to market decision or specifications controlled by the regional authorities. Various nations have different regulations for cab drivers they need to follow prior to obtaining the certification.

read more…

Top 3 Types of Glass Used for Double Glazing

Top 3 Types of Glass Used for Double Glazing

Glass plays a vital role in the glazing of windows. When deciding the frame type, you must choose what type of glass you will need to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Depending on the various window design factors such as window orientation, climate or design, you may want to choose different types of glazing for different windows.

The Units of Measurement

The ability of double glazing windows can be measured using two units. They are:

U Value

The double glazing window’s ability to transfer heat is measured by the U value. The double glazed window with the lowest U value is the most efficient insulator against heal loss from a room.

Solar Heat Gain

The thermal insulation glass ability to transmit the solar energy into a room is measured with the help of solar heat gain. It is measured in the value 0 to 1 and is usually known as g-factor. If the g factor is high, it means the ability of thermal insulation window to transmit the solar heat is high.

Types Of Glass

Following are the types of glass used for double glazing windows:

Low-E Glass

The glass used for glazing window for thermal insulation is low-emissivity glass. This glass has a translucent metallic layer that works in two ways to cut down heating energy. The dual action coating reflects heat back into the room. It allows the heat and light from the sun to pass through. The energy efficiency of a thermal insulation glass is measured by its and solar heat gain coefficient (g). The energy rating can be boosted by the variety of spacer bar or edge spacing used in the double glazing. Moreover, the low-e glass can be used with various combination like solar control or self-cleaning. This will result in the glass to be toughened to be used in double glazing windows.

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass is very useful in reducing outside noise and reduces the rain impact noise as well. It can be used for the interior sound insulation requirements like office partitions and meeting rooms. The acoustic glass contains two or more sheets of glass joined together with the acoustic interlayers. The benefit of the interlayer is that it acts like a noise reducing core. It weakens the sound as it travels through the glass. Acoustic laminated glass provides security and safety measures of standard laminated glass.

Self-Cleaning Glass

The cleaning procedure of double glazing window is time-consuming and environmentally polluting. But with the latest developments in self-cleaning glass, the windows can be maintained clean throughout the year. Furthermore, the glass has a clear coating that works in two ways to break down dirt and spread water equally across the surface. The self-cleaning glass layer reacts with the sun’s rays to break down dirt and grime which is on the outside of the double glazed window. Apart from this, when it rains the decomposed dirt naturally just rinses away. The surface is hydrophilic, it draws water over its entire surface. The rain forms a sheet of water over its entire surface instead of droplets which leave rain stains. In case, there is no rain, you can simply use a hose to activate the self-cleaning mechanism.  

Hence, the types of glass used in double glazing windows plays an important role. You can choose the type of glass that best-suits your requirements. For a more detailed article on types of double glazing click the link.

How can an SEO company damage my website?

Backlinks are what is involved when it comes to search engine optimisation. Backlinks are other websites linking to your website so if an SEO company decided to put a link to your website off a website that is filled with spam or isn’t in any way shape or form anything to do with your business then it can damage your trust with Google and could result in your website being worse off than what it may have been. There are a few ways that SEO companies could ruin your site but I am sure that with my help, there won’t be any problems with that!

To start out your business, it is easy to go wrong sometimes with wording, layouts and other things that can result in damaging your chances of taking the top spot on big search engines but if you spoke to and SEO company, they would be able to help you with all of that! And SEO company normally specialises in web design as well as so they can more than likely help you with everything! You may not want to pay money to have it done but if you do, it will save you so much time and at least you know it will be done properly, professionally and in the right way so that you can get that top spot on the big search engines quicker!

How to know someone in a second

Have you ever wanted to know what a person is all about within a second of meeting them? I know a way! When you first meet someone, always go in for a hand shake! If they go in for one, great! But if they don’t always make sure you do because that is how you’ll know what kind of person you are dealing with.


Weak/loose hand shake

When you shake someone’s hand and it is almost limp, they are the kind of person that is more than likely a laid back kind of person. It normally means that they aren’t the dominant one and they are very easily lead! If you are meeting with a person with a hand shake like that, it is more than likely going to be an easy meeting as they will usually just agree with everything that you say!


Firm/tight grip hand shake

A person that shakes your hand and grips it tight is more of a powerful person. The person is more than likely in charge and you know that if you meet this person, they are going to be a lot harder to win over as they will more than likely be the ones telling you what to do instead!


Still unsure?

When you shake someone’s hand, try and tilt it a little towards their hand, if they resist, then they are a powerful, outspoken kind of person and your meeting may be harder to handle whereas if they let you do it and don’t resist, they are more than likely going to let you say anything and agree with it all!

If you ever come across someone that does both, let me know! They would be a very interesting person to meet or they definitely have two different personalities!

What business should you trust?

When you are looking for a business to help you out with your SEO, there are four major things that you should always look out for, and they are:

  1. Fairly priced
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Honest with you from the start
  4. Have proof of what they have done for others

If they tick all of those boxes then they are more than likely the ones for you! But you must still always be cautious when paying money and ensure that they are a legitimate business as you don’t want to be giving your money to someone and then they suddenly disappear into thin air! read more…