Maya Charlotte Zanis

Welcome to my website, my name is Maya Charlotte Zanis and I am an expert in Search Engine Optimisation! For 18 years I lived and breathed SEO, it was my job and my passion and there was nothing that I didn’t know.


When I left school twenty years ago, I decided to skip college and learn SEO myself, prove to a company how good I was and then get a job with them… it didn’t exactly work like that though! I did that exactly but I found it very difficult at first due to learning by myself with no one to ask if I was stuck on something! But I battled on and in the end, it definitely paid off and I was given a job by a company that were amazing! I was really in my element there! They took a chance on me but they knew that my talent was perfect for there kind of business, and I did ever so well! I really did work my hardest and it all turned out the best for me! I really was taught by the best!


When I fell pregnant with my third child, the company I worked for went bump four months into my pregnancy and I was suddenly out of a job! So fast forward on and I am now a stay at home mum with my beautiful children and I absolutely love it! BUT, I miss working so much! This website is designed to help you out with SEO so that you understand it from a professionals point of view!


Like I said before, I know everything there is to know about SEO so any concerns you have, I am confident I will be able to answer every one of them. I will be employed by an SEO compnay one day but for now I can just sit back and relax and help everyone understand SEO!