Have you ever wanted to know what a person is all about within a second of meeting them? I know a way! When you first meet someone, always go in for a hand shake! If they go in for one, great! But if they don’t always make sure you do because that is how you’ll know what kind of person you are dealing with.


Weak/loose hand shake

When you shake someone’s hand and it is almost limp, they are the kind of person that is more than likely a laid back kind of person. It normally means that they aren’t the dominant one and they are very easily lead! If you are meeting with a person with a hand shake like that, it is more than likely going to be an easy meeting as they will usually just agree with everything that you say!


Firm/tight grip hand shake

A person that shakes your hand and grips it tight is more of a powerful person. The person is more than likely in charge and you know that if you meet this person, they are going to be a lot harder to win over as they will more than likely be the ones telling you what to do instead!


Still unsure?

When you shake someone’s hand, try and tilt it a little towards their hand, if they resist, then they are a powerful, outspoken kind of person and your meeting may be harder to handle whereas if they let you do it and don’t resist, they are more than likely going to let you say anything and agree with it all!

If you ever come across someone that does both, let me know! They would be a very interesting person to meet or they definitely have two different personalities!