Backlinks are what is involved when it comes to search engine optimisation. Backlinks are other websites linking to your website so if an SEO company decided to put a link to your website off a website that is filled with spam or isn’t in any way shape or form anything to do with your business then it can damage your trust with Google and could result in your website being worse off than what it may have been. There are a few ways that SEO companies could ruin your site but I am sure that with my help, there won’t be any problems with that!

To start out your business, it is easy to go wrong sometimes with wording, layouts and other things that can result in damaging your chances of taking the top spot on big search engines but if you spoke to and SEO company, they would be able to help you with all of that! And SEO company normally specialises in web design as well as so they can more than likely help you with everything! You may not want to pay money to have it done but if you do, it will save you so much time and at least you know it will be done properly, professionally and in the right way so that you can get that top spot on the big search engines quicker!